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About us – The philosophy of Kleopatra Escort

An escort agency needs sensitive guidance and experience. That the ladies and gentlemen feel comfortable with our service is what we do every day. As a team, we take care of the guests’ wishes, act as intermediaries for the ladies for erotic dates and arrange breathtaking evenings or whole nights.

Why about us Kleopatra?

The name Kleopatra Escort is not chosen at random: The Egyptian pharaoh is still considered one of the most desirable women since ancient times. Her erotic charisma, her art of seduction and her liberal approach to physical love could not only save the Egyptian empire from decline. The Romans were fascinated by the ruler, who rolled herself as a gift in a carpet which Caesar laid at her feet. In old illustrations it can be seen how she stimulated herself imaginatively with a kind of vibrator made of bees in a papyrus bag. Her legendary baths in donkey milk were appropriate for a queen and are still considered a luxurious cosmetic recommendation today. From every action of Kleopatra speaks joy of sensual pleasures. Our aim is to offer the ladies and gentlemen an environment that allows them to live out their eroticism to the full. Just as it happened in old Egypt. And something else connects us with the land on the Nile: We love cats!

A good team

The perfect cooperation of us is based on the separation of tasks: While the owner of the agency is primarily concerned with administrative duties, Silvia, as head of the agency, is responsible for ladies and gentlemen who use the services of Kleopatra Escort. The aim of our agency work is to create successful pairings for a shared immersion in the breathtaking nightlife of fascinating cities. We try to fulfil personal wishes of the gentlemen as far as possible. This includes a comprehensive consultation in advance in order to find the right lady with similar preferences for you. We are happy to take over the preparation of the whole evening from the selection and reservation of seats in a selected restaurant to the discreet booking of hotels for your erotic experience.

High-level relaxation is the focus

We know which concepts are successful from our own work in this field. Silvia knows the wishes of the gentlemen and knows about the needs of the ladies. Seriousness and discretion are our top priorities. This is how Kleopatra Escort positions itself in the field of sophisticated escort services for real gentlemen. Because we take the effort to get to know each of our escort ladies personally and only select those who convince us through their erotic charisma, education and esprit, Kleopatra Escort can take over the procurement of attractive escort ladies at any time and any place. Give it a try!