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Become an escort lady

Kleopatra Escort Ladies in good companionship

If you read the blog of Kleopatra Escort, you have probably already looked around on our pages. Would you like to know more about how an escort lady works and why a serious agent like Kleopatra Escort is so important? Then read on now!

Who commissions an escort service?

In large parts of the economy, business trips are common. Well-off gentlemen in high positions travel all over the world and experience the most beautiful cities up close. It is their wish to enjoy the time not alone, but by the hour or by the day with a woman. For a successful evening, not only the erotic charisma of the lady is important to them. They also want to be able to be seen with her in company. This requires a neat wardrobe, eloquence and appropriate manners. In return, the gentlemen prove to be accommodating and attach importance to the fact that their companion feels comfortable. Both of you will experience a unique time together, which both will remember fondly.

Which arrangements are usual?

Kleopatra Escort mediates between the escort lady and the gentleman in the search for an appointment for hot hours or longer. This can be at hometown, or – provided that the lady is willing to travel – also at other places. By train or car you can extend your radius of action and you can register more dates. We are happy to make table reservations in hip locations and book hotel rooms for the gentlemen. We select premium segment hotels according to the level of your male clientele. This also means for you pleasant comfort and best conditions.

How safe is escort service?

Even if Kleopatra Escort does not accompany you to the appointment, we are always with you. We have already checked the integrity of the gentlemen in advance and during your date we remain available for you. You will then receive an invoice for Kleopatra Escort’s commission for your tax. Before your first date, you can inform yourself about possible scenarios with the agency management and benefit from their wealth of experience. Silvia knows the usual situations and knows which approach promises success. If it happens that your date turns out differently than expected, you can always back out.

What else does Kleopatra Escort do for you?

Kleopatra Escort provides an Internet platform for the search for contact with an escort lady. At the same time we serve Escort Ladies for contacting gentlemen who are looking for female company. We invite you to participate and offer:

  • extensive personal enlightenment
  • homely atmosphere
  • personal support
  • professional pictures
  • checking the gentlemen
  • accurate billing

Become curious? Then get in touch with Kleopatra Escort now. We are looking forward to hearing from you!