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Kleopatra High Class Escort Models

Kleopatra Escort is a mediator between sophisticated gentlemen and cultivated ladies in the high-class segment. For the ladies we offer a platform for the publication of their sedcards and act as a contact person for gentlemen. The ladies act on their own responsibility and have no employment relationship with Kleopatra Escort that is subject to income tax. The ladies determine their own fees. As Kleopatra Escort exclusively arranges high-class escort ladies, you can expect costs of between 600,- Euro and 1.000 Euro for a 2-hour meeting. The fee of your favourite lady you can see on the sedcard.

Enjoy High Class Escort

A blind date with a wonderful woman, a short-term liaison with a breathtaking beauty, a pleasant evening for two – if your wishes are similar, Kleopatra Escort is the right choice for you. Kleopatra Escort will arrange contact with exclusive elite models for you. You will meet ladies with charm and education. Each of them speaks several languages, has stylish wardrobe for every social occasion and has the right manners. Just a real lady!

The High Class Escort Models introduce themselves

We create a sedcard for every escort lady who uses the agency service of Kleopatra Escort. Here you will find the most important key data and further information about the lady. Get a first impression of the ladies on their photos.

Beautiful photos, all genuine

Kleopatra Escort ensures the authenticity of the photos before publication. In many cases we engage a professional photographer for this purpose. In the post-processing we deliberately avoid artificial embellishments, but we correct technical errors. In this way, you will find exactly the high class lady that suits you and will not be surprised. At most, the lady is even more attractive than in the photos! Get in the mood for your date right now.

Discretion is self-evident

As much as we support the gentlemen in staying anonymous in their contact with a Kleopatra Escort High Class Escort Model, we feel obliged to the ladies. Every lady leads a regular life with studies or full-time occupation. She uses Kleopatra Escort to live out her sweet secret at eye level with gentlemen. To keep it that way, all faces are made unrecognizable.

Stay discreet too

We ask you to respect the privacy of the ladies. Please refrain from asking for personal data such as e-mail address or telephone number. Do not hand over business cards or ask the lady for hers. This is neither desired by Kleopatra Escort nor by the lady. The ladies use a agency to – just like you! – to maintain their anonymity. Please respect this!

Kleopatra Escort Service offer

Kleopatra Escort sees herself as a mediator of contacts between gentlemen and high class ladies. For this purpose, Kleopatra Escort provides a platform on the Internet and various contact options. Our service is used by independent, commercial ladies and they pay a commission for it. For you as a gentleman, the agency’s service is completely free of charge. A contractual relationship is established exclusively between you and the selected escort lady.

The booking and the first meeting

While scrolling through the sedcards you have come across one or more ladies you want to meet. Contact us. Please use the booking form. Here the most important questions are already asked. So the processing is much faster. You are also welcome to contact us by phone under +49 15257300623 or send an e-mail to We will immediately check the availability of the lady and clarify any questions.

Personal consultation desired

Please contact us for special wishes or if you do not find the right lady in our luxury models portfolio. Together we will find a satisfying solution. You can reach us personally by telephone between 10 am and 8 pm.

Early planning

Orient yourself already now about the ladies and ask in time. Hardly any high class escort lady is available to you spontaneously. Your rendezvous must fit into the appointment calendar. Gladly the lady takes additional time to put herself in the right mood and to prepare herself externally. The result is even more attractive and exactly the date you have in mind!

Deposit on a discreet account

Before your appointment, if you are a new customer or if the lady is travelling a long way, please leave a deposit on the account of Kleopatra Escort. We will accept this on trust and forward it to the lady. We have prepared harmless account data for you without reference to an escort service. Additionally we need your name for a call at the hotel. Otherwise the lady cannot come. If the date does not come off, you will get the money back or we will reserve it for you on a new date with a luxury lady of Kleopatra Escort.

It doesn’t fit between you and the lady

You or the escort lady can cancel the date at any time if you notice that it does not fit. High Class Models of Kleopatra Escort act on their own responsibility and independently. Kleopatra Escort has no authority to issue instructions. If you break off the date, please let us know the reasons. Your opinion is also very important to us. The same applies if the lady ends the date prematurely.

Much more likely: They were very satisfied!

Kleopatra Escort arranges contacts on a high class level. Before accepting the agency contract, we made sure that the ladies have the necessary background. Share your enthusiasm with others:

  • anonymous with us
  • public and yet anonymous on the sedcard of the lady
  • on rating portals like Captain 69 Escort Dates or MC Escort

Come back to us as a trusted gentleman and give others a discreet hint about the elite ladies at Kleopatra Escort!

Kleopatra Escort national and international

Some of the High Class Ladies arranged by us will accompany you on your travels or take a longer journey. Please contact us if you are looking for a companion for several days or many ladies at a special place. We are pleased!