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Permission to operate an escort agency

According to § 12 paragraph 1 in conjunction with § 2 paragraphs 3 and 4, Kleopatra Escort was granted permission on 31.07.2019.

State Capital Dusseldorf Regulatory Office
Worringer Straße 111
40210 Düsseldorf

In case of cancellation 72 hours before the start of the appointment you will not incur any costs, if no hotel reservations have been made or if train tickets have been purchased. In this case, you will receive back your payment already made by us and on behalf of the escort lady. Of course, the Escort Lady will not be able to refund you for any booked flight or train tickets. If you cancel in the period of less than 72 hours, the payment will be charged with the incurred cancellation costs (booked flight / train tickets). If you make up the appointment within 3 months, the escort lady will charge the balance with the new booking. If you incur additional costs for flight / train tickets, these are to be borne by you again. The right to a refund lapses if you have no interest in an appointment within 3 months.

We are particularly sensitive to this! The ladies receive our full support to terminate the date and retain the fee without deduction in case of a request for Sex without condom! We dissociate ourselves from guests who are negligent with their and others’ health. Please also note the new Prostitute Protection Law to 01.07.2017 and your obligations as a customer (condom obligation).

We arrange dream dates for escort ladies and gentlemen who expect exclusivity and discretion. As much as a date attracts an escort lady, it is often a sensitive topic for many gentlemen. You see a lady you like but you do not know the agency yet. Since it is understandable that one wonders: is the agency reputable? Is the agency discreetly handling my data? Can I trust the agency? Yes you can. But to put it with honest and direct words. We as an agency would cut ourselves into our own flesh if we abused your trust. Which good agency would like to acquire a bad reputation? We do not! We want you to be more than happy, and we do it through discretion, good advice from the agency and not to forget by gorgeous high class escort models who hire us and enjoy this side job.

If, despite careful consultation, the harmony between you and the selected lady is not harmonious, you can of course end the date. Please inform the lady politely and compensate her by paying her travel expenses or the fee for the time she has already spent with you. Of course, the Lady also has the possibility to end your date early.

Here you can get rid of comments, criticism and praise. This is very important to us as an agency. Only by your feedback, we can stay well. Of course we have each made a personal impression of each lady, but it is a big difference how we experience the lady or you. Thanks to your feedback, we too can focus more intensively on every single lady in the sedcards, making it easier for you to choose your dream lady. If you send us your feedback via sms or mail, we would be happy if we can then transfer this into the respective sedcard. We are looking forward to your feedback.

No, the models’ fees are fixed prices. Please be kind enough not to put the lady in an unpleasant situation by trying to negotiate the fee. After all, quality has its price. From time to time some of the ladies offer specials. You will find these either in the ladies’ profile or in our magazine.

No. The ladies refrain from the so-called quick stuff. Whoever visits ladies in apartments is looking for something else than escort offers. The ladies do not offer their time “professionally”, but look forward to the sophisticated gentleman with whom they have a good conversation in addition to the eroticism. However, we would be happy to advise you on the choice of a suitable hotel. If you would like to invite an escort lady to your home, this is possible under reserve. However, a nice ambience should be a prerequisite for this.

If you are unable to attend a confirmed meeting due to time constraints, then we ask you to be fair and inform our escort agency in advance by telephone or e-mail. We know that business appointments are cancelled and that you as a gentleman have to plan newly. Should you not cancel in time and the lady is already on her way to you, the ladies will only charge you for the travel expenses incurred. Excluded are bookings for which the lady has taken a holiday. Then the same procedure as under the point “Down payment made and you have to cancel?” applies. We at Kleopatra Escort see this as a pleasant compromise and assume that you, as a gentleman, will understand this arrangement.

We dissociate ourselves from fake pictures, but we understand that some customers ask us this question. As in every industry there are black sheep and cheating is becoming more and more common. Kleopatra Escort works together with a photographer and every new lady gets a shooting if she wants to use our contact. Should the lady organize her own shooting, we guarantee the authenticity of the pictures. The photos will be slightly reworked such as brightness or minor image editing. The body of the model is not edited, because you should meet the lady you see in the pictures. If the lady has changed something in herself, we will inform you about this when you make your request. Otherwise, the ladies will take up-to-date pictures at regular intervals.

Yes, some of the escort ladies will be very happy to accompany you on your travels. The travel expenses (flight, food, cultural programs) for the ladies must be paid by you. Please book for this longer period at least 2 months in advance, so that the escort ladies can plan for this. As the ladies are working, they must apply for leave in time. In addition, when booking for a longer period, the ladies require a deposit of at least 30% of the fee plus costs for train/plane tickets. This sum is transferred in trust to our neutral account.

Your contractual partner for a date through Kleopatra Escort is solely the escort lady. We are commissioned by the escort ladies. The advice and services of Kleopatra Escort are free of charge for you. On behalf of the ladies we take over the mediation. The ladies work independently and are not employed by us. They act in their own name and on their own account. We are not authorized to give instructions. Your inquiry with Kleopatra Escort is not binding. Only when you and the escort lady confirm the meeting is the date binding.

This is not possible for various reasons. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for all information about the lady. The Kleopatra Escort Models have chosen an agency to avoid doing exactly such things themselves. For this and for other services of the agency, the ladies pay a commission to the agency. Privacy is very important to the ladies. Also inquiries, whether the lady can call with suppressed number, we must deny.

Payment is usually made on location by cash. Please hand over the fee to the lady at the beginning of the date in an open envelope. The escort model will check the amount in your presence. It may happen that the agreed amount is incomplete. As this moment is not necessarily a pleasant one, we ask you to make sure that the correct amount is in the envelope. Do not embarrass the lady by asking for it. We ask for your understanding for this check. We do not offer payment by card or PayPal, as fraud attempts can easily occur. If you don’t want to spoil your date with a money transfer, please transfer the fee in advance to our neutral business account. We accept the amount in trust and forward it to the lady. This requires a timely booking.

The ladies do not give us any fixed availabilities. This is not possible because the ladies are working and have private commitments. If you make a booking request, we will always ask the lady and only then will we let you know if we can make your desired date possible.

You can make your request at any time by e-mail or by telephone during our office times. It is easier if you enquire directly via the booking form. Please contact us in advance so that we can make sure that the escort lady you want to book has time for you. For the final booking we need your name, your telephone number for the call back, date and time for the date as well as the location of your hotel and the room number.

We are happy to try to realize short-term bookings of your escort on the same day. However, long-term bookings with 2 – 3 days in advance for 1 day date are advantageous, as the ladies will prepare themselves and take this date off for you. We ask you to book longer bookings (from 2 days) also at least 1 – 2 weeks in advance. Extensions are possible after consultation with the escort lady, if time permits!

The decision which fee the lady charges is entirely up to the lady. The ladies work self-employed and are not employed by us. We have no authority. Also the travel expenses are arranged by the ladies themselves and the agency only enters them into the sedcard under fees. If your city is not listed there, we will ask the lady for the travel costs. We are only available for consultation if desired.

Your question wasn’t there?

Then please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will be pleased to respond to your request personally.

Kleopatra Escort is looking forward to hearing from you.