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Fragrances moments !

Love goes through the stomach? No!

Only two criteria count when choosing a perfume: How does a woman want to present herself and what impulses does the fragrance trigger in him?

The right fragrance in business

Fresh fragrances are good for the day at the office, where women tend to shine with intelligence and skill rather than seductive grace. When the chosen one finds herself among her colleagues, it’s important to find the right nuance that both strengthens her own image and attracts the attention of the person she’s talking to. Up-and-coming business men seduce you with a fresh women’s fragrance from the collection of Boss such as Boss Orange Woman. On the other hand, if you have an established member of the management team in mind, you’ll want to bring in the big guns. With Chloe Eau de Parfum you will hit the mark. Make sure you use it sparingly: after all, you want to make a discreet impression and still look seductive.

Sweaty bodies, common workout

Women also experience erotic moments in the gym. When muscles as hard as steel contract and stretch to the rhythm of the exercises, many a strong woman becomes weak. Skin that is well supplied with blood intensifies the scent. Especially during training, the use of high-quality fragrances must be used sparingly in order not to appear obtrusive. Fresh aromas are particularly suitable for health and fitness. The sexy guy who is having his Leg Day today will also respond to this. Present him with an encouraging smile. Leg work is one of the unloved exercises for men. A touch of J’adore from Dior and your admiring looks will hardly miss their effect.

Artists, not musclemen

Do you rave about the artistic man who reacts sensitively to his environment? Then La vie est belle by Lancôme should not be missing in your boudoir. The oriental-looking fragrance creation caresses his nose without being obtrusive. So you may well succeed in experiencing together with him how beautiful life can be. Just as the name of the fragrance promises. Alternatively try Rose Goldea fragrance by Bulgari. Especially tender and considerate men respond to it.

Which fragrance suits me?

Check carefully whether the perfume on your skin develops according to your ideas. The fragrance varies throughout the day. Always test only one perfume at a time so as not to confuse your nose, even if it takes a little longer. In the end, what counts is that you reach your goal. If you conquer him with your scent, your patience will have paid off!