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Musicals, pirates and respectable merchants – Escort Hamburg with Kleopatra Escort

The gateway to the world is in Hamburg. At least this is how the Hanseatic city markets itself. With the largest seaport in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp, this claim is even correct and has been so since the Hanseatic era. Until then Stade, the port city on the opposite bank, had been able to take the leading position. But then Hamburg won the title because of its better location: the port of Hamburg was capable of expansion and still is. For 2017 alone the statistics show a handling rate of 136.5 million tonnes.

The port dominates on the Elbe. On the Alster, a tributary to the Elbe, white splendid villas or the Hotel Atlantic dominate the picture. The dammed Alster forms a challenging sailing area in the middle of the city. Next to it, again and again office buildings with their typical copper roofs. The architectural witnesses of the Hanseatic history of trade at sea and on land line up in loose succession between the harbour and the city centre. On a walk there you can cross countless bridges: Because of its many streams and canals, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice.

The historic trading districts such as the Speicherstadt are still in operation today. Media workers and museums have settled here. New business districts have been created to the north and south of the city, and a whole new district is growing in HafenCity: projects by outstanding architects are creating living space where pirate Klaus Störtebeker supposedly lost his head. His popularity is unbroken. At the insistence of the population, the Senate reluctantly erected a monument to the beheaded man almost 600 years after his death.

International train connections and Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt make the Hanseatic city a hub for northern Germany. From here you can reach the North Sea or Baltic Sea after a short journey to let the wind blow around your nose. With the Elbe Philharmonic Orchestra, Hamburg is ideally equipped for art and culture. Hamburg is also attractive for its popular musical productions. Large or small theatres can be found all over the city, from off-theatre in the backyard to the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in the city centre. Experience the dazzling metropolis with a charming lady. The escort service Kleopatra Escort will be pleased to arrange the contact.

To the rhythm of the harbor and music

Around the Reeperbahn and within walking distance of Park Hyatt lies the traditional entertainment district. This is also where the city wall ran, which was supposed to separate the venerable Hamburg from the sinful St. Pauli. Very much to the advantage of the shops on the other side of Hamburg’s outer border, because a closing time was unknown there. The fascination lasts until today. Now, however, it is cultural highlights in the operetta house with its musical productions or in Schmidt’s Tivoli private theatre that magically attract. You can experience artistically staged eroticism in show programmes on the Grosse Freiheit.

It is not far from the wicked St. Pauli to the exhibition halls. Almost as close is the Portuguese Quarter at the Landungsbrücken and in the immediate vicinity of the Scandinavian churches. Hamburg is also home to the largest British community in Germany. The long-standing friendship between Hamburgers and Brits leaves its mark and this influence can hardly be denied in the Hamburg way of life. The “gateway to the world” is open in both directions, which favours the city’s international flair. Although the city coat of arms shows itself with closed gates!

The Hamburger is stubborn, so they say, but that is wrong. However, the Hamburger has a tendency to be superficial. If you get into conversation with a hamburger, there is a chance for a lifelong friendship, which you may toast with a “Alsterwasser”. Anyone who looks at the Alster and its canals – today green oases, in former times supply and waste water canals – does not want to drink from this water. No, the Alsterwasser in Hamburg is what is called “Radler” elsewhere. It is a light mixture of beer and lemon sherbet that is wonderfully refreshing on hot days.

The metropolis of millions has numerous nature reserves and is home to the Hagenbeck Zoo, the mother of all zoos. However, if you only spend a few days in Hamburg and do not know the city yet, a harbour tour and a visit to a musical are on the obligatory programme. Tickets for the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall are hard to come by, but access to the viewing gallery is also possible without a ticket. Kleopatra Escort will gladly arrange a meeting with an attractive lady as an escort service, who will introduce you to the secrets of the city.

Escort Hamburg Hotel Recommendations

Atlantic Kempinski

Hamburg’s Grandhotel is located directly on the Alster and with its snow-white façade can hardly be overlooked. The Hotel Atlantic has been offering its guests accommodation in a cultivated ambience since 1909. At the time of its foundation, the rooms and hotel suites were mainly occupied by passengers of the Hamburg-America Line of a Hamburg shipping company. The more than 200 rooms and suites are elegantly furnished and the service is as obliging as it is discreet.

The Hotel Atlantic offers all the luxury that guests of a grand hotel can expect. You have unlimited access to the Business Center of the Atlantic. A private cinema – the first in Germany’s hotels – is the perfect place for presentations or private movie enjoyment. The pool, sauna and spa leave nothing to be desired when it comes to body care and relaxation, and if you want to spend the night like statesmen before you, book the presidential suite. Gladly also for you and your charming escort ladies of Kleopatra Escort.

An der Alster 72-79 | 20099 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 28880 | Website |

Park Hyatt

The 5-star Park Hyatt Hotel is located in the direct vicinity of one of Hamburg’s excellent shopping streets. Housed in a former office building of Hamburg shipping companies, the historic building breathes history. The rooms and hotel suites are elegantly and stylishly furnished without being obtrusive. Apartments, which Park Hyatt also provides, offer up to 195 square metres of living space. Here you can even arrange a business dinner personally in the kitchen.

The Park Hyatt also features the Park Lounge, Apple Restaurant and Apple Bar, where guests can enjoy stimulating drinks and meals from breakfast to dinner. Take a dip in the in-house pool or steel your body in the gym. You can even enjoy art in the Park Hyatt as you walk by. The Levantehaus regularly hosts art exhibitions of great masters like Caspar David Friedrich. Your lady from the escort agency Kleopatra Escort will be pleased to draw your attention to such pieces of jewellery in private.

Bugenhagenstraße 8 | 20095 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 33321234 | Website |

Steigenberger Hotel

A glance out of the window proves it: The Steigenberger Hotel in Hamburg’s city centre is located where the city shows itself from its most beautiful side: Candelabras illuminate a historical bridge that leads across the leisurely flowing Alster. This is one of the most modern business hotels in the city. Freely accessible WLAN, conference rooms and a central location are important criteria for business travellers when choosing accommodation. At the Steigenberger Hotel, all this comes together in a pleasant 5-star ambience.

From your room in the Steigenberger Hotel you have a view of Hamburg’s green and water-filled city centre. You dine in the bistro or restaurant and have a drink in the piano bar. In the Davidoff Cigar Lounge you can choose your personal smoking experience from 30 smoking products. Ask Kleopatra Escort for a companion to this exclusive pleasure and experience the magic of the blue rising smoke in the presence of a beautiful woman.

Heiligengeistbrücke 4 | 20459 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 368060 | Website |

Escort Hamburg Restaurant Recommendations

Petit Bonheur

The Petit Bonheur is located in the street Hütten in one of the oldest still preserved quarters in Hamburg. Behind an art nouveau façade, this elegant restaurant with upscale French cuisine is concealed, and has received excellent reviews in numerous restaurant guides. This success was achieved by the owner Ergün M. Uysal within a very short time after the opening. Reason enough to expect further positive ratings in the future.

The exquisite wines in the Petit Bonheur perfectly round off the dishes on offer. On weekdays you can have your business lunch here. In the evening hours, the Petit Bonheur becomes more contemplative when lovers of French cuisine gather here. Choose your menu with care. Finally, there must be room for the flambéed Crêpe Suzette, which is one of the restaurant and wine bistro’s highly recommended specialities. If you love French, the Petit Bonheur is one of the best addresses in town for your dinner date.

Hütten 85-86 | 20355 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 33441526 | Website |


The unusual concept of the Vlet combines kitchen and cooking school at different locations. The restaurant is located in the Speicherstadt behind red brick walls between the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and HafenCity. The unusual spelling of the restaurant in a city that calls its Alster canals Fleete has its reason: “Vlet” is the Old High German spelling. More modern is the menu, which in Low German dialect is aimed at the “Fiensmecker” (gourmets).

The Vlet is open on weekdays for your business lunch. For corporate events, book the catering here if you value exceptional presentation and selection. Or you can hire a chef from the highly acclaimed restaurant for your private meeting. Perhaps with one of the beauties you contact through Kleopatra Escort. For a dinner date for two with the culinary delights of the Restaurant Vlet, we would be happy to take over the arrangement.

Am Sandtorkai 23-24 | 20457 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 334753750 | Website |


The traditional Fischereihafen Restaurant is Hamburg’s first address for cultivated fish enjoyment. You can choose from an extensive menu that ranges from typical Hamburg “Labskaus” to Sushi. Thanks to the ideal location, shellfish and crustaceans are always fresh in the Fischereihafen Restaurant. The Kowalke family has been running the restaurant since 1981 and has earned a name for itself far beyond the city limits.

At some point the restaurant business was no longer enough for Dirk Kowalke. In 1997 he realized his dream of an American Bar in the Fischereihafen Restaurant. There was not much space available, but the Oyster Bar is now all the more cosy. If you want to have a nice cocktail before or after dinner, you can do so here. Afterwards you might take a walk through the nightly harbour together with your charming companion from the escort agency, which can be very romantic in addition to all the hustle and bustle.

Große Elbstraße 143 | 22767 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 381816 | Website |

Escort Hamburg Nightlife Recommendations

escort nightlife

Gaga Bar & Nightclub

The Gaga Club at Spielbudenplatz is one of Hamburg’s top locations for closed events, for example for companies. Companies like Porsche invite you here. The Gaga Club is located in the immediate vicinity of the Reeperbahn and is easily accessible by public transport. On two weekends a month, parties for everyone take place and dazzling personalities meet: Freaky self-promoters and party-happy guests turn a night at the Gaga Club into an event.

Let us put you on the guest list or book a table with service. At the Gaga Club discretion is very important and no stories get out. Celebrate your company event in an appropriate setting with beautiful women, a stunning ambience and a place that invites you to be really “gaga”. Kleopatra Escort wishes you a lot of fun and will be pleased to establish contacts with attractive escort ladies for you.

Spielbudenpl. 21/22 | 20359 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 94367000 | Website |

Cotton Club

The number of music clubs in Hamburg is declining, but the Cotton Club at the Großneumarkt still keeps up with jazz of the finest and selected bands. From Monday to Saturday the Cotton Club is open from 20:30. On concert days, admission begins earlier. Tickets are available on site or on the Internet. We will be happy to reserve seats for you and your companion in the cosy jazz pub.

In an intimate circle, the audience gets very close to the artists. It is almost as if the music can be felt when the bass beats the rhythm, an exalted drummer works the drums and a saxophone sounds longingly to it. This is the Cotton Club in Hamburg’s oldest jazz cellar since 1959. The menu shows simple food and drinks. But more is hardly necessary to the hot rhythms and the accompaniment of a beautiful woman.

Alter Steinweg 10 | 20459 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 343878 | Website |

whiskey nightlife

Bar Christiansen’s

The passionate bartender Uwe Christiansen has been mixing drinks since his childhood. After training in Cape Town, Christiansen first gained experience in the spirits trade. In 1997 he founded his own bar in Hamburg St. Pauli. Today it is hard to imagine Hamburg’s gastronomy scene without Christiansen’s. The selection of classic and international cocktails is impressive and delicious.

Christiansen’s professional beginnings can be seen in the number of alcoholic drinks the bartenders mix their cocktails from: Over 800 different varieties are on the shelves. You’re sure to find one or two rare whiskeys or rum among them. Christiansen’s is the first or last address. Here you can get in the mood for your evening programme or have a drink before going to bed. With the escort service of Kleopatra Escort you might experience especially sweet dreams.

Pinnasberg 60 | 20359 Hamburg
| Phone: +49 (0)40 3172863 | Website |

Metropolis of millions in a shining light

Hamburg is considered one of the most attractive cities in the world, not only economically but also culturally, and is said to be the city where most millionaires live. Magnificent buildings bear witness to the wealth of past generations, who have always demanded a sophisticated evening programme – be it in neighbouring St. Pauli. City and harbour form a charming backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Kleopatra Escort will be pleased to put you in touch with attractive ladies. After all, nobody likes to go to a musical alone or reserve a table for one person in a restaurant. Your escort from Kleopatra Escort, the high class escort service, will sweeten Hamburg for you. For your tailor-made experience we will be pleased to take over the arrangement.