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Saint Barth travel destination

Saint Barth, relaxed days on the little Antilles

You don’t need a visa and can even pay with Euros on Saint-Barthélemy, as Saint-Barth is also called. The beaches and hotels are breathtaking, you feel like in paradise. The island in the northwest of Guadeloupe has been part of the French overseas territory since the beginning (February) 2997 and is only 21 square kilometers in size. A little more than 9000 inhabitants live on the island.

Fine sandy beaches and a unique architecture

The Morne de Vitet is with its 286 meters the highest elevation of the island and is located in the east of the island. Starting from the mountain down the island, valleys have formed over the years, reaching down to the sea. They offer unique excursion possibilities, as each valley has a different architecture and flora. 22 paradisiacal beaches with the finest white sand will spoil even the most spoiled visitor, because the strong surf of the ocean is intercepted and diminished by offshore coral reefs. You can do water sports, take a walk on the white beaches or watch the impressive big fish catch. The tropical temperate climate attracts many stars and celebrities to the island, especially in winter, when there is hardly any rainfall and a rather dry climate of around 25 degrees.

St. Barth has its own airport

The runway of St. Barth is not exactly long, with a length of 600 metres, but experienced pilots are happy to fly there for the visitors’ aircraft shuttle. Tina Turner, Madonna and many other stars and starlets relax undisturbed on the Lesser Antilles with champagne and culinary delicacies. The capital of the island is called Gustavia and also attracts visitors with traditional pubs and restaurants, where many anecdotes tell about the rich and beautiful people who love to come to the island.

Plan a trip to the small paradise in the Caribbean

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