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Wellness in Dusseldorf

Kleopatra’s tip: the healing power of water at Rive Spa Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a shining metropolis. Suggestions for evening entertainment can be found in abundance. The attraction of Dusseldorf’s Old Town promises a successful mix of rustic entertainment at beer tables and pure luxury in haute couture with caviar and champagne. This is not always the right setting for a relaxed evening in the company of an attractive escort. Instead, immerse yourself in the wellness oasis at the Hyatt Regency and enjoy being pampered all round.

Calm instead of hectic

A visit to the spa spoils you with exquisite scents, a pleasant ambience and treatments ranging from relaxing to restorative. The relaxation begins when you enter the spa. Moist heat caresses the guest and a comprehensive programme of different treatments. In Dusseldorf, the Hyatt Regency and its wellness area, the Rive Spa, which is also open to non-hotel guests, is an exclusive address to go to. The spa offers its treatments until late in the evening and composes worlds of senses according to the wishes of its visitors.

Enjoy relaxation and wellness alone or in couple

As in many well-kept houses, you can book private treatment rooms for one or two people at the Rive Spa on request. While experienced hands take care of the ladies’ needs, men experience treatments specially designed for them. In return, you can immerse yourself in one of the four sensory worlds that the Rive Spa arranges for its guests: Reflection, Discover, Flow and Inspiration. You combine your pleasure time with treatments that enhance your skin texture and support detox processes, and enjoy full-body or partial massages.

Where the sweat flows in streams

It gets hot in the sauna. It usually takes only a few minutes before the body begins to detoxify. The healing power of a sauna session has been known since ancient times. In the Rive Spa you can experience hot moments in the wet and dry sauna. A bold jump into the cold water or a revitalising shower will put your immune system in an alarming mood. Defensive substances are mobilised and have a strengthening effect on health. Muscles and joints relax in the whirlpool. This serves to revitalise and is the perfect conclusion after a visit to the Rive Spa’s fitness area.

Enjoy intimate moments

With their clothes, most of them shed their everyday life and the stress of their job. Forgotten is what seemed stressful a moment ago. A visit to the spa is both relaxing and uplifting. Kleopatra already knew this in ancient Egypt. Treat yourself to this time out alone or with a gorgeous escort. At the Rive Spa your wishes are right at the top of the agenda.